Personality Characteristics and Goals

Our highschool has gather in ten characteristic or principles the personality and goals of the community:

1. RESPECT: People, things, rules, yourself, environment, ideas and opinions and work.

2. FREEDOM: Promoting the freedom of speech taking into account that our own freedom has limits.

3. OUR OWN AUTONOMY AND RESPONSABILITY: Fostering the autonomy of every individual and teaching them to take responsability. 

4. JUSTICE: Equal opportunities, taking diversity into account, integration, valuation of the effort, not discriminating, and examining the rules and the example of justice of the teachers. 
5. EDUCATE OUR STUDENTS IN AND TOWARDS PEACE: Live in a peaceful environment; being dialogue the key to solve problems. 
6. UNION and COOPERATION:  Foster colaboration, cooperation, group work, distribution of work and responsibilities, colaborative projects.
7. RAISING PEOPLE AS GOOD CITYZENS: Cognitive, critic, artistic, social, emotional, technological and movement capacities.
8. CULTURE AND EDUCATION: Integration value of culture, having the Basque Country as a starting point, new technology, innovative, teacher and parents training.
9. EUSKARA: the LANGUAGE FOR THE RELATIONSHIPS AND AS A TOOL: Basque is one of the backbones of our culture, a tool for education, the language for the relationships between teachers and students and with the administration; also the language to communicate with bilingual parents. "The Plan for the Normalization": to take into consideration the way of talking in surroundings. 
10. HEALTH AND HYGINE: At the school canteen, class, etc; the dangers and alternatives of tobacco and other drugs, food, prebention of illnesses, sport.